Autumn Revolution™ Bittersweet

Celastrus scandens 'Bailumn' PP19,811

Generally you need both a male and a female bittersweet plant to get the much loved orange berries, but you'll only need one Autumn Revolution™ for a beautiful crop of the biggest berries you have ever seen! The majority of the flowers formed on Autumn Revolution are perfect, meaning that the flower itself has both male and female parts. In other words, you only need one plant to bear fruit. Perhaps because of this unique characteristic the fruit production is absolutely extraordinary and the berry size is twice that of what you normally see. This truly is an extraordinary improvement for this beloved native vine.
  • Plant Height Height15-25'

  • Plant Width WidthVaries

  • Plant Exposure ExposureFull Sun

  • Plant Hardiness Zone Zone 2-8

Additional Attributes


Glossy Green

Growing Tips

  • Pruning PruningFall
  • Watering WateringMedium
  • Fertilizing FertilizingBalanced NPK