New Plants for 2017

It's our favorite time of the winter...planning our garden for next spring and summer! And what's more exciting than NEW PLANTS?! And this year, we've got some really interesting and beautiful varieties to grace your landscape. Whether you live in a warm climate region or in the colder north, we've got you covered. A couple highlights are shown below, and the full list is HERE! Enjoy, and happy planning!

Opening Day™ Viburnum: Shown above, this new viburnum will become a staple in the warm-climate garden. The baseball-size flowers emerge in April, followed by gorgeous variegated foliage that turns burgundy red in fall. It's a real stunner.

Diamond Rouge® Hydrangea: This new panicle hydrangea (the same kind as Vanilla Strawberry™ and Strawberry Sundae™) blooms white starting in mid-summer and then ages to red, unlike most that go to pink. It's a mid-size shrub, so it will do well in most gardens...even if you're in an urban environment!

Fiber Optics™ Buttonbush: Have a wet area in your yard that takes forever to dry out after a rain storm? What about a pond, lake or water restoration area? This native plant is a perfect solution for you. Not only does it thrive in wet soils, but is great for pollinators and waterfowl.

There are a lot more fun new varieties to choose from this coming season. Click above to see the full list, and don't hesitate to reach out or #AskAmy with any questions!