First Editions® Gets Major Attention from the Trade

Getting new plants to the garden center for you to purchase can sometimes be a long process. From the breeder to growers and then to market can take 5, 10 or even 20 years. During that process, the brand has to introduce the new plants to the retail garden centers so they can learn all about them and share with you! One of the top trade publications is Greenhouse Grower, who just released their "Top 5 Retail Plant Stories of 2015." We were thrilled to see that the top 2 stories featured First Editions® plants! Their top story introduced the retail garden centers to our Crimson Fire™ and Sparkling Sangria™ Fringe Flower, talking about their great garden performance. The second-most-read story was the top 12 Eye-Catching Landscape Shrubs for the year, which features new First Editions® varieties. Take a glance through the stories and see how your favorite garden center learns about new plants!