Groovy Grape™ Butterfly Bush

Buddleia davidii 'PIIBD-I' PP26,305

Groovy Grape has a rounded to upright habit with arching 8-10" long rich, violet-purple flowers. Amazingly fragrant flowers will bloom into fall when deadheaded. Easily rejuvenated by pruning back to 12" from ground, Groovy Grape is crown hardy in zone 5 and will flush from the base in spring.
  • Plant Height Height8-10'

  • Plant Width Width6-8'

  • Plant Exposure ExposureFull Sun

  • Plant Hardiness Zone Zone 5-9

Additional Attributes



Growing Tips

  • Pruning PruningEarly spring
  • Watering WateringMedium
  • Fertilizing FertilizingBalanced NPK