How much should I water my shrubs?

How much should I water my shrubs?

Young root systems can easily dry out while they are just getting established, so pay close attention!

If you want a simple test to tell if your plant needs watering, just stick your finger in the soil to see how dry it is. Also, just because a plant is wilting it doesn’t mean that it needs water—it can sometimes be a sign of too much water. When you water plants, give them a deep, thorough watering less often rather than watering lightly every day. A soaker hose is a great idea if you want to go and buy one.

As plants grow and mature, you won’t need to water as often. As a guide, if your garden does not get 1” of natural rainfall per week, you should check the soil and consider a deep soaking if it’s dry. Another thing you can do is use a wood chip, bark or cocoa bean mulch as a natural way to keep soil cool and prevent evaporation.

Water on! (but not too much)


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