Any suggestions for a small tree to plant?

Any suggestions for a small tree to plant?

I have a couple of thoughts on trees that range from 10-12 feet.

My first choice would be Goldspur Amur Chokecherry. It has creamy white flowers in the spring and golden exfoliating bark in the winter. It matures 10-15’ x 6-9’. Centennial Blush Star Magnolia is another good option. It has fragrant white flowers in the spring, is multi-stem, and matures 10-15’. Ruby Tears Crabapple is a beautiful weeping tree. It matures 8-10’ x 12-15’. If you can do something a little bit smaller, try a hibiscus. Bali, Fiji, Tahiti and Hawaii are available in tree form. The others will grow as multi-stem shrubs. All will mature about 8’. Little Devil and Amber Jubilee Ninebark are grown as trees, too. They will be about 6’ tall.

Thanks for writing!


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