Can I plant Amber Jubilee in a container?

Can I plant Amber Jubilee in a container?

I love shrubs in containers and Amber Jubilee is one of my favorites!

A couple of things come to mind. What size will it be when you first buy it? And, will you keep it outside in the winter or bring it in a garage? You can definitely grow Amber Jubilee in a container for a few years. Once it really takes off, just prune it each spring to keep the height and width as you want it. After a few years, you may find it needs to be potted up in a larger container with fresh potting soil. If so, just pop it out of the container, trim the roots and the branches, and then repot. To overwinter, you might want to protect the plant and container by bringing it in to an unheated garage. A tip – mulch around the top of the base of the ninebark once it is in the container. It will help save on watering especially when the summer heat kicks in.

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