Can you help me prune my healthy growing shrubs to keep them neat and small?

I try to keep pruning at a minimum by planting the right size shrub in the right size place.

For example, I don’t try to force a hibiscus that is going to mature 8’ in a 3’ spot. It’s going to sound brutal, but if you have plants that are much too big for the spots they are in, it’s going to be less work in the long run to take them out now. With the other plants, there are some that look good trimmed in a formal hedge and others that look good in their natural shape.

A formal hedge should be pruned when the new leaves are coming on in the spring. The bottom of the hedge should be slightly wider than the top. Shrubs that are growing in their natural shape can be pruned a little bit early in the spring or after they flower. Prune just as needed to keep the tops or sides from becoming ragged. For more tips, the University of Florida Extension has a guide on pruning trees and shrubs.

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