How do I care for my plants in a hot climate?

How do I care for my plants in a hot climate?

Don’t be dismayed! We have some plants for you to try and suggestions on how to get them off to a great start and keep them alive.

Let’s start with the First Editions’ soil preparation and planting guide. It’s important to add compost when planting to help encourage root growth. The hole should be deep enough so the crown of the plant is even with ground level. The right planting depth and mulch will help keep the plant from drying out.

Next up – watering. Again, it’s all about growing healthy roots. While your plants are getting settled in and established, pay close attention to watering. Don’t just water every now and then! This causes too much stress. Water regularly (two times a week) in the morning when it is hot. Less water is needed rest of the year.

Now, it’s time for the fun part of picking out plants! Butterfly bush, caryopteris, hibiscus, hypericum, crape myrtle, pomegranate, spirea , viburnum, and vitex do well in your area. There are some that may do better in part shade such as distylium, fringe flower, hydrangea, and weigela.

By all means, try a Pink Frost Florida Anise-tree! It will do well in a shady spot. For more ideas, check out the zone 8 plant list.

Thanks for writing and enjoy your garden!

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