My house has no landscaping - help!

My house has no landscaping - help!

No landscaping means lots of opportunity! A five year plan is a great idea.

Your hardware store will have good ideas for products to help battle the weeds. For some garden inspiration, take a look at our yard design ideas. Find a look you like and then pick plants that do well in zone 5 and zone 6. Or, here’s an idea - Goldspur Amur Chokecherry would combine really well with Lemon Meringue, Citrus Tart or Crème Brulee Potentilla. Add a Campfire Rose and spirea and it would be a beautiful garden. Jade Patina Hedge Maple is also a good tree for your area. I think it would look nice with a hedge of spirea and a colorful ninebark for an accent plant. Working in the indigenous plants is a wonderful idea, too. To get your plants and gardens off to a good start, be sure to read our planting and care guide. Keep me posted on your results!

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