Which plants pair well with Cinnamon Girl Distylium?

Which plants pair well with Cinnamon Girl Distylium?

You are so lucky to live in a part of the country where it is a warmer zone and Cinnamon Girl Distylium thrives.
You have lots of possibilities for companion plants. With a Louisiana garden, you must have a Baton Rouge Dogwood! It’s beautiful year-round with spring flowers, fruit for songbirds, colorful fall foliage and red stems in the winter. What’s your gardening style? If you are using it as a hedge similar to boxwood and looking for a taller accent plant, a Magic series crape myrtle would be a nice pairing. A shrub or tree form Tahiti Hibiscus would be beautiful too. You can add both southern elegance and fragrance to the garden with re-blooming Sweet Tea Gardenia. Other possibilities are butterfly bush, vitex and hydrangea. Your gardening style and time of year you are outside enjoying the garden will help with plant selection.

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