What shrubs can I plant in the shady areas of my yard?

What shrubs can I plant in the shady areas of my yard?

This is a question I get a lot: knowing how to best landscape the shady areas of your yard.

Thank you Vicki, from Ohio, for your question. In my experience, Coral bells and hostas are easy-to-grow plants that add color in shady spots. Azaleas are perfect for shade gardens. Electric Lights Double Pink and Red are cold hardy and flower in early spring.

If you have a bit of morning sun, I recommend giving hydrangeas a try. First Editions has so many options with blue and pink flowers. And, don't forget about white hydrangeas! They are great for brightening up shady spots and make an impact from a distance. One thing to consider when making your selection is how tall you want the plant to get.

Rainbow Sensation Weigela can handle part shade, and its variegated foliage and pink flowers offer attractive color. Do you have spring bulbs in this spot? If not, think about planting bulbs in the fall. They work well in shady areas and get the garden year off to a great start.

Happy Gardening!


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