What's a good plant for a border?

I think a mix of plants makes the best border and a healthy border.

Before you starting selecting plants, how much sun does this area receive? Here’s few ideas for a sun or part shade. For a narrow, tall plant, look at Sky High Juniper an evergreen, Standing Ovation Serviceberry spring flowers and edible fruit, or Parkland Pillar Birch if the area is wet.

Then, pick an easy to grow, colorful shrub and add several – redtwig dogwoods (bright red branches in the winter), ninebark (colorful leaves), pearlbush or mockorange (spring flowers), paniculata hydrangeas (summer to fall flowers). Groupings of ornamental grasses will look good mixed in too. Finally, add perennials such as garden phlox. For more ideas on borders, take a look at our yard designs.

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