When is the best time to transplant my Delta Blues?

When is the best time to transplant my Delta Blues?

I think you should wait a little bit.

Waiting until spring to transplant your Delta Blues Vitex would be best. I’m kind of cautious and watch for signs a plant is just coming out of dormancy (little leaf buds) when I move plants. I don’t like to move plants when they are really dry since the dirt will fall away from the roots. First, I water the plant, trim back the top, dig around the base and try to get all the roots, then move it to the new home in the garden. Be certain the new hole is large enough for the root ball. Don’t panic if some of the roots are cut off. A healthy plant will quickly grow new roots. Fill in with dirt around the roots and tamp down the soil to get rid of any air pockets. Give it a good soaking and keep an eye on it and water as needed. Plan on the vitex needing extra water the summer after it is moved while it’s getting established again.

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