I'm a new gardener, where do I begin?

I'm a new gardener, where do I begin?

Don’t worry about being new to gardening! We are all learning as we go.

The best place to begin is to learn about where you want to garden in your yard. How much sun or shade do you have? What is you soil like – clay, sandy, rocky, nice topsoil? Does it rain regularly or will you water?

Then, think about what kind of plants you want to grow. To help you get started, we have some wonderful yard design ideas. Our plant combinations page is also helpful. When you shop for plants, be sure to pick plants that will thrive in your zone. Don't know your zone? You can find out yours here.

Good tough plants to start with include ninebark, viburnums, potentilla, and weigela. It’s fun trying different combinations of foliage and flowers. It’s especially fun when a hummingbird or butterfly stops by and visits a flowering shrub.

Have fun gardening!


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