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Amy is not afraid to get her hands dirty. As a self-taught gardener, she takes on her fair share of landscaping projects, picking up a ton of knowledge as she goes. If you have a plant care or landscaping question you’ve been too afraid to ask, you’re in the right place!

Yardening for Beginners

Don’t worry about being new to gardening! We are all learning as we go.

Landscaping to prevent Erosion

This is such a great landscaping question, and one you can have some fun with!

Yardening on a Budget

First, start with your soil. It’s always a good idea to add some compost when planting.

Pruning Rose Bushes

Pruning Rose Bushes
Ready to play in the garden? Me too!

Covering Your Plants & Early Spring Care

Covering Your Plants & Early Spring Care
The highs and lows of Spring weather can be hard on plants. Whether or not to cover the plant, depends on how far along the new leaves are.

Changing Hydrangea Colors

Changing Hydrangea Colors
Some hydrangea flowers will change colors.

A Guide to Watering

A Guide to Watering
Ah yes, watering. The most important thing for long-term growth and health; especially for new shrubs and trees.

How to Use Shrubs in Containers

How to Use Shrubs in Containers
Containers aren’t reserved for just annuals.

Tips for Transplanting Plants

For starters, fall and early spring are the best seasons for transplanting. This way, you can avoid the summer's heat when your plants are extra vulnerable.

Fertilizing Your Plants

What’s the old saying? Spring forward, fall back? The same applies here.

How to Know if a Plant Needs Fertilizing

Good question! There are so many reasons a plant can look like it’s lacking nutrients.

How to Split Perennials

Splitting perennials, like hostas, is super simple! It’s best done in the springtime right after the plant emerges from the ground.

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