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Amy is not afraid to get her hands dirty. As a self-taught gardener, she takes on her fair share of landscaping projects, picking up a ton of knowledge as she goes. If you have a plant care or landscaping question you’ve been too afraid to ask, you’re in the right place!

Adding a Pop of Color with First Editions

Thanks for your question, Alice! I think adding a pop of color to your landscape bed is a great idea.

New Variety: Diamond Rouge Hydrangea Hardiness

New Variety: Diamond Rouge Hydrangea Hardiness
Thank you Karen from Lawrence, Kansas, for your question about the Diamond Rouge Hydrangea.

Pruning Red Star Hypericum

Here's a shout out to Bill in Washington who asked about pruning Red Star Hypericum.

How to Winterize Plants, Trees & Shrubs

I'm glad you asked because this is something many people forget to do. If you live in an area with freezing temperatures, certain varieties should be covered and protected from the cold winter.

Fertilizing Your Plants

We recommend a granular or spike-form fertilizer rather than water-soluble types, which are best used in small doses and mainly for container gardens.

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