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Amy is not afraid to get her hands dirty. As a self-taught gardener, she takes on her fair share of landscaping projects, picking up a ton of knowledge as she goes. If you have a plant care or landscaping question you’ve been too afraid to ask, you’re in the right place!

Should I trim back my orange tree at the same time I'm transplanting it?

I think it’s time to call in an expert!

What is the best method to dig up a seedling growing too close to concrete?

This will be a fun project!

I'm moving - How do I transplant my plants to my new house?

This is a great question! It would be best to dig them up now while the weather is still mild.

Do you have tips for planting a Dogwood?

Do you have tips for planting a Dogwood?
Planting a Dogwood in your yard is a great idea!

How do I successfully transplant my plants?

For starters, fall and early spring are the best seasons for transplanting. This way, you can avoid the summer's heat when your plants are extra vulnerable.

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