The Plants

First Editions® is a collection of premium plants offering beautiful solutions for all your planting projects, be it big or small, urban or rural, formal or contemporary. Our plant experts carefully test and evaluate every plant in the First Editions® line so you can be confident that every plant here has been Selected for Success™.

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  • New Varieties category

    New Varieties

    Meet the newest exciting introductions to the First Editions® collection.

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  • Highlighted Collections category

    Highlighted Collections

    These collections contain some of our most popular and top performing plants.

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  • Shrubs category


    Hide your foundation, plant a privacy screen, attract birds, add flowers to your garden or plant a patio container with First Editions® diverse shrub offering.

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  • Vines category


    Go vertical with First Editions® vines that cover pergolas, fences or arbors.

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  • Trees category


    From regal giants to dwarf or columnar forms for tight spaces, trees are the foundation of any landscape. First Editions® has just the right tree for your needs.

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  • Evergreens category


    Evergreens are the backbone of any garden design and combine beautifully with shrubs, roses, perennials and grasses, providing year-round appeal.

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  • Perennials category


    Perennials consistently provide months of color to the summer garden, year after year.

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  • Roses category


    It’s hard to beat the stunning blooms and fragrance of roses. Learn more about the beautiful First Editions® varieties.

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  • Fruit category


    Eat fresh fruit or make jellies or pies from your own garden with First Editions® fruits!

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