Highlighted Collections

First Editions® collections showcase popular groups of plants and outstanding varieties.

  • Barberries category


    Barberry are tailor made for easy care landscapes.

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  • Chinese Fringe Flower category

    Chinese Fringe Flower

    Chinese Fringe Flower is a popular, easy care shrub providing year round evergreen foliage and fleecy flowers in the spring.

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  • Distylium category


    Though relatively unknown, Distylium is THE evergreen for southern landscapes!

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  • Hibiscus category


    Hibiscus, or Rose of Sharon, brings color to your garden in the heat of summer when color can be in short supply.

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  • Hydrangeas category


    Classic blooms with a modern touch, Hydrangea are garden showstoppers!

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  • Hypericum category


    Hypericum are great multi-season, compact shrubs for gardens across the United States.

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  • Magic Crapemyrtles category

    Magic Crapemyrtles

    A staple in the southern garden, Crapemyrtles fills the landscape with vibrant color in the heat of summer when color is in short supply.

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  • Spirea category


    Bright and easy-to-grow, spirea are a go-to essential in a full sun garden.

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