Chinese Fringe Flower Collection

First Editions - Chinese Fringe Flower

Chinese Fringe Flower is a popular, easy care shrub providing year round evergreen foliage and fleecy flowers in the spring.

Chinese Fringe Flower is one of the most commonly used broadleaf evergreens in the southern garden. Both First Editions® selections have rich ruby-red foliage and vibrant flowers in spring, making them an excellent choice for four-season interest in sun or part shade.

  • BN10207

    Crimson Fire™ Fringe Flower

    A plant for all seasons, 'Crimson Fire™' features rich ruby-red persistent foliage throughout the year and vibrant neon pink flowers in spring. This compact, neat plant is perfect for small space gardens and foundation plantings.

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  • BN11087

    Sparkling Sangria™ Fringe Flower

    'Sparkling Sangria™' is a heavy-weight, forming a larger shrub suitable for screening hedges, groupings and masses. The red flowers literally jump in spring and will entice consumers by quantity and richness. A seedling of 'Everred' Loropetalum.

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