Distylium Collection

First Editions - Distylium

Though relatively unknown, Distylium is THE evergreen for southern landscapes!

If you have problems with disease and insects on your boxwood, cherry laurel, holly or juniper shrubs, distylium is an excellent replacement selection. Not only is it highly resistant to disease and insects, but this broadleaf evergreen is tolerant to heat, drought and wet soils. Their strong, beautiful leaves shine in bright sun and don’t discolor or fade during the winter months. Many develop small berries in late winter, which create beautiful cut branches for flower arrangements. This really is a healthy, adaptable and versatile four-season plant!

  • Swing Low® Distylium

    A low growing evergreen with dainty blue-green leaves. Grows well in dry or wet soils, seasonally flooded areas and slopes. It’s also heat tolerant. It adapts well to pruning when needed and is disease and insect resistant. Perfect for mass planting.

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  • BN11999

    Cinnamon Girl® Distylium

    This small leaf selection is a viable alternative to boxwood. Plum-purple new growth turns blue-green as the leaves mature. The small leaves give this plant a more refined look than other Distylium.

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  • BN11255

    Coppertone™ Distylium

    A spreading to rounded evergreen has coppery-red new foliage maturing to blue-green. Petite red flowers appear in the winter. Full sun to part shade, well-drained soil on the acid side but tolerates moist soil

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  • Linebacker™ Distlylium

    A compact, upright evergreen is excellent for hedging and screening. Reddish new growth matures to lustrous dark green. Prefers full sun to light shade, well-drained soil on the acidic side, but tolerates moist soil. Resistant to disease and insects.

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  • BN11061

    Vintage Jade Distylium

    A lovely low spreading shrub with dark green evergreen foliage offers a refreshing touch of green throughout the year. Blooms in late winter with small, reddish-maroon flowers.

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