Hibiscus Collection

First Editions - Hibiscus

Hibiscus, or Rose of Sharon, brings color to your garden in the heat of summer when color can be in short supply.

Hardy for gardeners as far north as Des Moines, Denver and Boston, the First Editions® hibiscus are reliable bloomers that provide romantic color from summer through fall. Whether you want one splash of color to draw attention or a wall of summer color, hibiscus can be planted alone as a focal point or in a group for a spectacular effect. First Editions® hibiscus are an intermediate size, so they are great even in smaller spaces.

  • Bali™ Hibiscus

    Semi-double pure white flowers are highlighted with a bold purple-red center. Blooms July-September with 3-4" diameter flowers. The intermediate size is good for smaller spaces and the summer blooms are a welcome sight when color is in short supply.

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  • BN6898

    Fiji™ Hibiscus

    Medium pink buds give way to semi-double flowers with a unique pattern, which slowly fades to light pink. A splash of deep red colors the center. The intermediate size is good for smaller spaces and the summer blooms are a welcome sight.

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  • French Cabaret™ Blush

    French Cabaret™ blooms profusely from July to October with double flowers in large pompoms. Dark pink flower buds open to a delicate blush pink with shades of white. Compact in size, heat tolerant, and easy-to-grow in the landscape.

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  • French Cabaret™ Red Hibiscus

    This double hibiscus is upright in habit and a vigorous grower. For eight weeks in summer, it has clusters of three to five red double flowers that resemble carnations. Deep red flower buds open to 2” diameter pompom flowers with sterile seed.

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  • Hawaii™ Hibiscus

    A true blue, it will bring to mind the color of waters in paradise. Large showy blossoms are a lovely blue accentuated with a red-purple heart, blooming from July 'til September.

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  • BN7114

    Summer Ruffle™ Hibiscus

    This variegated hibiscus has blue-green foliage with creamy-white margins. Dark pink to lavender flowers add to the show in summer. At 3-4' in height and width, this is a great feature plant for smaller gardens or in patio containers.

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  • BN6479

    Tahiti™ Hibiscus

    Tahiti has beautiful semi-double deep pink-purple flowers which are accentuated with a deep red center. Blooms July-September with 3-4" diameter flowers bringing welcome color to the summer landscape.

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