Hydrangeas Collection

First Editions - Hydrangea

Classic blooms with a modern touch, Hydrangea are garden showstoppers!

There are few flowering shrubs that are more iconic and timeless than hydrangea. With big, beautiful blooms that fill your landscape from spring through fall, First Editions® hydrangeas come in a variety colors, sizes and bloom times. With most varieties hardy from the frigid winters of Minneapolis through the hot summer days of Dallas, hydrangeas are extremely versatile. Use their incredible multi-season blooms to fill a garden landscape or cut them for a stunning centerpiece; there’s no end to the beauty and uses of a hydrangea!

  • Berry White® Hydrangea

    Berry White® is a summer stunner with strong, upright stems and large cone-shaped flowers. The flower color starts out white in July then progresses to dark pink. Color shades can vary according to location, climate and type of soil.

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  • BN10088

    Diamond Rouge® Hydrangea

    Diamond Rouge® has abundant, long lasting flowers on strong stems that start out white and progress to pink, raspberry red and finally wine red. Flowers start blooming in July and take on red coloration earlier in the season than other pink paniculatas.

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  • BN11090

    Jetstream™ Hydrangea

    'Jetstream™' has a dense compact habit. Flowers held high on strong stems are a beautiful white aging to pink. Disease resistant foliage turns orange-red in autumn. A classic native flowering shrub for the garden, grouping or massing.

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  • Light-O-Day® Hydrangea

    'Light-O-Day®' with its beautiful, pure white variegation will brighten any border. It is perfect with other small shrubs and perennials. Large, lacecap blossoms will be either pink or blue depending on your soil. Acidic soil produces blue blooms.

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  • BN10089

    Strawberry Sundae® Hydrangea

    Strawberry Sundae® blooms in mid through late summer with incredible flowers that open white then take on tones of pink and ultimately strawberry-red. Very compact form, excellent for small space gardens.

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  • Tickled Pink® Hydrangea

    Each bloom is covered by recurving flower petals giving the blossoms a frilly, lacy appearance. The blooms begin white before turning rosy pink. The habit is more upright and compact than 'Pink Diamond'. Great for fresh or dried flower arrangements.

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  • BN5778

    Vanilla Strawberry™ Hydrangea

    Enormous flowers start out creamy white then change to pink and finally to strawberry red. It continually produces new blooms giving the plant a multicolored effect. Excellent for fresh cut and dried flower arrangements.

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  • BN4827

    White Diamonds® Hydrangea

    'White Diamonds®' has glistening white panicles that are held upright and eventually fade to parchment for dried arrangements. The dark-green leathery foliage displays increased heat and drought tolerance. Use as a specimen, hedge, or in a large grouping.

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