Hypericum Collection

First Editions - Hypericum

Hypericum are great multi-season, compact shrubs for gardens across the United States.

Hypericum are hardy from Des Moines and Boston through San Antonio and Orlando. These small shrubs average 2 – 3’ in height and width, making them perfect for shrub borders. In spring they are covered in beautiful yellow flowers attractive to butterflies. These flowers give way to marvelous berries in varying colors in late summer and fall. Great for landscape use and cut arrangements from spring through fall, hypericum are an excellent option for easy-care and multi-use shrubs.

  • BN11256

    Cobalt-n-Gold™ Hypericum

    This mounded grower has silver-green foliage blanketed with 3/4" sunny yellow flowers in the late spring and early summer. Leaves transform to yellow, orange, and red and reveal an attractive exfoliating bark. Thrives in full sun and well-drained soil.

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  • BN10399

    Mocca Hypericum

    Bright yellow flowers appear in spring followed by beautiful, warm, brown-red berries in fall. A perfect complement to the garden spring through fall, with berries that are perfectly suited for fall bouquets.

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  • Pumpkin Hypericum

    Pumpkin is covered with yellow flowers in spring, followed by clusters of glowing orange berries each fall, making them the perfect addition to cut autumn floral arrangements. Plant in mixed containers or in the garden. Rust-resistant and easy to grow.

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  • Red Fame Hypericum

    Bright yellow spring flowers are followed by even brighter, long lasting, fire engine red berries that pair perfectly with autumn's oranges, maroons and yellows. Berries also show well against dark green foliage in late summer to early fall.

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  • BN6349

    Red Star™ Hypericum

    'Red Star' is covered with yellow blossoms in spring and clusters of red berries each fall. Fill your fall garden and floral arrangements with red hips. Plant it as a specimen or in drifts to show off color. Rust resistant and easy-to-grow.

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