Magic Crapemyrtles Collection

First Editions - Magic Crapemyrtle

A staple in the southern garden, Crapemyrtles fills the landscape with vibrant color in the heat of summer when color is in short supply.

The Magic Series from First Editions® is a selection of intermediate size crape myrtles that is highly resistant to disease, delivering shining healthy foliage and blooms all summer long. Magic crape myrtles also hold their leaves and blooms into fall, making them a great alternative to purpleleaf plums, which are usually defoliated by August.

  • BN9690

    Coral Magic Crapemyrtle

    A shrub form crapemyrtle loaded with lovely salmon-pink flowers blooming in early summer. Outstanding reddish new growth turns to a brilliant green. Blooms on new growth.

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  • Lunar Magic® Crapemyrtle

    This beautiful crape combines rich purple-black foliage, loads of solid white flower clusters on red stems and a beautiful upright oval shape. This prolific bloomer starts flowering in June. Good disease resistance.

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  • BN11089

    Midnight Magic™ Crapemyrtle

    Foliage is the richest saturated purple-maroon throughout the growing season. Color does not fade even in the south. Flowers appear July into August. Resistant to leaf spot and mildew.

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  • BN11086

    Moonlight Magic™ Crapemyrtle

    Superb dark maroon foliage is resistant to leaf spot and mildew. Unique upright habit lends itself to small tree status. Blooms prolifically with bright white flowers in late July into August.

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  • BN9696

    Plum Magic Crapemyrtle

    A shrub form of crapemyrtle blooms in early summer with a profusion of fuchsia pink flowers. Foliage emerges plum-purple and matures to a rich green color. Flowers on new growth, prune in late winter.

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  • BN10205

    Purple Magic Crapemyrtle

    A shrub form of crapemyrtle blooms in spring with a profusion of dark purple flowers. New growth has a reddish cast and matures to a rich green color. Flowers on new growth, prune in late winter.

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  • BN11728

    Ruffled Red Magic™ Crapemyrtle

    This crape myrtle has carnation-like, glowing red flowers that show beautifully against the dark green foliage. Foliage turns orange-red in fall. Upright habit has dense branching and re-blooms in late summer if the first flush of flowers is deadheaded.

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  • Sunset Magic™ Crapemyrtle

    This compact beauty has large almost true red inflorescences that cover the dark foliage when they flower. Deep black-purple leaves are flatter, lustrous and hold their dark color into late summer. Foliage has been disease free to date.

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  • BN12001

    Twilight Magic™ Crapemyrtle

    The combination of deep plum-colored foliage and pink flowers is stunning. This upright, multi-stem tree really stands out in the landscape. An excellent alternative to purple leaf plums. Disease Resistant.

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