Tianshan® Seven-son flower

Heptacodium miconioides 'Minhep'

While bred in France, this new cultivar has many ties to China. Heptacodium miconoides is native to China, and the tradename is an homage to the Tianshan mountain range in China. What makes this variety unique is its compact habit. While straight species can get as tall as 20’, Tianshan™ reaches a manageable height of only 8-12’ and, it spreads to only 5-7’. In late summer terminal clusters of fragrant creamy-white flowers appear. Each whorl contains 7 tiny flowers (thus the common name of seven-son flower). The flowers are followed by beautiful fruit with showy rosepurple sepals that last for two to three weeks. The flowers produce abundant nectar attracting loads of hummingbirds, butterflies, and bumblebees. This small plant is well branched and forms a rounded, upright shrub with dark green shiny foliage that turns yellow in late fall. The bark is tan and exfoliates to reveal a brown inner bark which is very attractive in the winter. Not well known, this is a plant that deserves more attention by gardeners and designers. Trivia: the genus name Heptacodium means seven bells referring to seven being the average number of flowers on a head.
  • Plant Height Height8-12'

  • Plant Width Width5-7'

  • Plant Exposure ExposureFull Sun

  • Plant Hardiness Zone Zone 5-9

Additional Attributes



Growing Tips

  • Pruning PruningEarly spring
  • Watering WateringMedium
  • Fertilizing FertilizingBalanced NPK