Mandarin Tango™ Potentilla

Potentilla fruticosa 'Jefman' PP29,830

The 1” round flowers are a lovely shade of orange with just a hint of red in them thanks to the parent ‘Red Robin’. Beautifully compact, it forms a rounded shrub reaching only 2-3’ in height and spread, making it perfect for the foundation. How many shrubs do we really have that bloom all summer like potentilla?
  • Plant Height Height2-3'

  • Plant Width Width2-3'

  • Plant Exposure ExposureFull Sun

  • Plant Hardiness Zone Zone 2-6

Additional Attributes



Growing Tips

  • Pruning PruningEarly spring
  • Watering WateringMedium
  • Fertilizing FertilizingBalanced NPK